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This category features gel products designed to support medical and healthcare recovery and treatment. Our gel pads extend from healthcare and medical use to personal comfort and well-being by offering pressure relieving gel pads for sitting, lying, or kneeling.

Ideal gel as gel heel cups, toilet seat cushions, gel sheets, head pads, knee scooter pads, gel donut cushions, gel positioners and more!

All our gel cushion pads can be used in multiple applications like arm, wrist and elbow protection for extended desk top work or medical screening practices. They are especially useful for elderly, handicapped, or disabled individuals (often with compromised skin conditions) to aid in the prevention or treatment of pressure sores and gel pads for fitness equipment. 

The category features three distinct types of gel products:

ULTRAGEL Relieve™ Gel Pads and Cushions are specially formulated “slow-return” zero bounce gel products encapsulated in a soft, durable, body-conforming cover with a peripheral sealed edge. They make any hard surface comfortable, are skin-safe, and easily cleaned. These low-profile pads excel in larger surface-area contact, extended-use applications.

ULTRAGEL SPG™ Seamless Gel Positioners, manufactured using our proprietary coating technology, are the first and currently the only seamless gel positioners available. Seamless coating enables encapsulated gel positioners with no peripheral edge seal facilitating disinfecting/cleaning and minimizing areas for possible contamination. Use for head, heel, arm, elbow and torso protection during extended use treatment or recovery situations at home, in extended-care or medical facilities.

ULTRAGEL RETACH™ Repositionable Secure Gel Pads These pads protect against skin abrasion and chafing. They have a low-profile Hook or Loop backing for secure and repositionable attachment to orthotics, prosthetics, rehab devices, athletic and sports equipment.