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We offer two types of Motorcycle Seat Gel Pads:
ULTRAGEL®           100% Pure gel at 5/8" thickness
CONFORMAX™       1/2" ULTRAGEL® / 1/2" ULTRAVIS™ memory foam
All ULTRAGEL® and CONFORMAX™ motorcycle seat gel pads include 24" x 24" smoothing foam.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These are INSERTS ONLY, and are not to be used as is for top cushions (unless you provide your own cover) for your motorcycle seating area. These pads are designed to be INSTALLED underneath the surface of your seat.  

Choose between 11 different sizes of motorcycle seat gel pads or gel inserts each offering three levels of comfort depending on installation:

CONFORMAX™ pad foam side up gives you the Softest Ride

CONFORMAX™ pad gel side up gives you a Medium Soft Ride

ULTRAGEL® as installed, gives you a Medium Ride