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Conformax™ Knee Scooter Cushion

Conformax™ Knee Scooter Cushion

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Product Description

Key features include:
  • QUICKLY AND SECURELY ATTACHES TO MOST KNEE SCOOTER WALKERS. Uses high performance low profile hook and loop fasteners. Although securely attached for very aggressive use, cushion can be easily detached from the scooter if needed. 
  • RELIEVES PAIN AND FATIGUE TO KNEE OR INJURED LEG. The abuse resistant bi-directional stretch coated fabric cover over the specially formulated memory foam evenly distributes pressure on the knee and lower leg giving all day comfort by relieving pain and fatigue on the knee, foreleg, and hip. 
  • EASILY CLEANED, COMPLETELY WATER PROOF AND SPILL PROOF. Clean by wiping down with a damp cloth or sanitizing wipe. If needed, can be machined washed and dried under mild temperature condition.
  • ESSENTIAL ADD-ON ITEM FOR MOST KNEE SCOOTERS. Gives safe, secure, pain and fatigue relief for all day user comfort.
  • MADE IN USA. We use safe, responsible and environmentally sound processes and materials. All body contact materials are body conforming and skin-safe for extended maximum all day comfort over extended use. 

The Conformax Securit  Knee Walker Cushion relieves skin pressure reducing pain and fatigue by cushioning and supporting the knee and lower leg. The product fits most knee walker scooters and is easily attached or removed if necessary. For easy installation we include two different low profile hook and loop fastener methods with each cushion. User chooses which system to use depending upon model or source of scooter or (whether rental or purchased). Knee walker cushion is water proof, spill proof and easily cleaned by a simple wipedown or can also be machined washed.