About Us

OUR PURPOSE: To sell on-line, the most cost-effective, comfort-enhancing visco-elastic gel and gel-foam cushions, pads, and body-conforming support surfaces.

OUR PRODUCTS: Provide superior performance, great value and lasting customer satisfaction, using environmentally safe materials and manufacturing processes.
OUR CUSTOMERS: Receive prompt fulfillment of orders, on-time delivery of guaranteed quality products, and a commitment to responsive customer service.
OUR QUALITY: “Is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort, there must be the will to produce a superior thing.” - John Ruskin

    We specialize in the manufacture and sales of:

    • Pure ULTRAGEL® gel pads
    • CONFORMAX™ gel-on-foam gel cushions
    • RETACH™ re-positionable gel pads
    • SPG™ seamless gel body positioners
    • ULTRAGEL RELIEVE™ zero rebound gel products
    • and other gel products for healthcare, personal care and comfort-enhancing everyday use

    Our principals and related companies have over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of gel cushions, gel pads, and other gel products using proprietary gel formulations. Most of our products are not available in retail stores or through distributors They are only available through this website or e-commerce platforms partnering with us.

    We do not sell any imported gel products. We manufacture all of our proprietary gel cushions, gel pads, and other finished gel products right here in our Southern California factory. Our structure as a vertically integrated company allows us to formulate the base raw materials in-house, using flexible manufacturing processes and dedicated, skilled American employees, to deliver cost-effective quality products. By selling only online direct, we eliminate middle men mark-ups and commissions, passing those savings on to our customers. That is a true win-win situation for us, as manufacturer and you, the customer.

    We only utilize the highest quality FDA or USP compliant ingredients, our products do not contain hazardous materials and are phthalate and latex free. Our products are also skin-safe and our manufacturing procedures are environmentally sound. 

    Our location address is Crinnis Corporation Ltd, 1835A West 169th Street,

    Gardena, CA 90247.

    If you are looking for gel cushions, gel pads, gel mats, or other gel products to deliver superior comfort and eliminate the discomfort or pain of skin pressure points while standing, kneeling, sitting, lying, or playing, we believe we offer both the best materials and the absolute best value available either online or from brick and mortar stores.