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Adhesive Disc Pad | Adhesive Loop Gel Pads

Adhesive Disc Pad | Adhesive Loop Gel Pads

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Product Description

Installation guide:
  • 1.Evenly Lay the gel seat cushion on to the toilet seat cover and put the orange indicator dot markers on the side edge of the toilet seat in line with each of the low profile hook strips already attached to the underside of the gel cushion. Remove the gel cushion from the seat.
  • 2.Peel off the release paper from one of the adhesive backed white loop discs and carefully apply the disc to the top surface of the toilet seat in line with one of the orange indicator dots. Take care to avoid trapping air under the disc. Repeat these steps for each orange dot locations (9 locations in all). When all the white loop discs are in place on the toilet seat apply firm hand pressure or roller pressure to all surfaces and edges of the discs to make sure they are strongly adhered to the toilet seat.
  • 3.Once the white loop discs are attached to the toilet seat take the cushion and attach it to the seat by mating each hook and loop location. Remove the orange indicator dots.

That’s it! Your New ULTRAGEL RELIEVE TOILET COMMODE GEL SEAT CUSHION is ready to become “the best seat in the house”