CONFORMAX™ Topper Excel Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushions

ULTRA-FLEX Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

CLASSIC Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

About CONFORMAX™ Topper Excel Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushions

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Quite simply, the best value, superior performing, and most versatile range of motorcycle gel seat cushions available today

Reduces road vibrations and rider fatigue, during and after long trips

11 sizes and styles to fit any rider/bike combination

“Classic” cushion designs:
for use on conventional, low profile bike seats

"ULTRA-FLEX™” cushion designs:
best comfort for deep profile touring bike & cruiser seats

Key Features Includes:

  • The CONFORMAX™ gel-on-foam technology gives you the best of both gel and foam comfort!
  • Low-profile comfort. Only 1-1/4” thick.
  • 1/2” ULTRAGEL® cast onto ½” high performance ULTRAFOAM™ ensures body-conforming fit to the rider’s anatomy for all day pain-free riding comfort.
  • Attaches easily and safely to the seat with a secure, adjustable strap system
  • Two removable cover options, that are water proof, washable, “grippy” base and a handsome, durable top surface:
    • Standard (lycra/neoprene): has an ultra-stretchable top surface for maximum body-conforming comfort
    • AIRMAX™-3D Cool Ride (mesh fabric): slightly firmer, provides excellent ventilation between the rider and cushion surface for extra cool comfort on long rides and minimizes heat build-up on the seat

Guide to Pad Size Selection

For maximum performance and comfort ALWAYS choose the cushion size closest to your motorcycle seat size.

The goal is to maximize the surface contact area between your body and the seat, thus minimizing skin pressure, a major cause of circulation cut-off, and rider fatigue.

Always position the pad directly under your “sitz” bones to provide maximum gel protection, comfort, and reduction in road vibration

Worked for my Yamaha FJR1300. I kept having to take ibuprofen after a long days ride.  Not anymore.
- Mark, 06/25/19
5 out of 5
Verified Purchase
Size: Small Airmax 15x12x6
Perfect fit. Excellent quality product.
- Rider, 8/27/18
5 out of 5
Verified Purchase
Size: Small Airmax 15x12x6