About CONFORMAX™ Anywhere Anytime Gel Seat Cushions


CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime™ gel seat cushions are designed to be equally usable and give maximum comfort in the home, office, on the road or any extended sitting situation. Use as a gel car seat cushion, gel truck seat cushion, gel mobility seat cushion, gel wheelchair cushion, gel stadium cushion or gel office chair cushion. 

These durable, low profile gel cushions are unmatched for all day pain-free sitting, and wonderful, body-nurturing comfort where ever you are.

Key Features Include:

  • Proprietary CONFORMAX™ gel-foam technology means better comfort than gel or foam alone.
  • Low-profile comfort. Only 1.5 in. thick with ½” of Ultrasoft viscoelastic Ultragel® cast directly onto one inch of Ultravis foam guarantees perfect body-conforming fit to the user’s anatomy ensuring all day, pain free sitting comfort.
  • Reduces road and vehicle vibration, and enhances fatigue resistance for long-haul, commuting, or every-day driving.
  • Cover options include either Standard lycra/neoprene, which is a  stretchable, body-conforming fabric, or Airmax™, a breathable, mesh fabric, ideal for maintaining a comfortable body temperature during all day driving or sitting.
  • These durable, handsome removable zippered covers, with conformable top surface and non-slip friction grip bottom ensure maximum comfort while preventing sliding on most surfaces.   IMPORTANT NOTE:  CONFORMAX™ cushions with the Standard covers are our softest cushions.  AIRMAX™ cushions will be firmer, but will result in a “ventilated”, cooler, extended sitting experience.  
  • Covers are water and spill-proof for easy cleaning.
  • Color Black, safe for washing.  Air dry recommended.

Say goodbye forever to numb-butt, fidgeting, squirming while sitting.  Can give welcome relief from sciatica, low-back pain, poor circulation cutoff, or sensitive vascular issues like varicose veins and hemorrhoids. 

There are two sizes of gel seat cushions available to suit any user requirement:  L18 style: (18x20x14) ideally sized for most mobility chairs, office chairs, and smaller vehicles, or L20 style: (20x20x14), which is  ideally sized for larger vehicles and trucks. Select Standard or Airmax™ cover when ordering.

Still not convinced?  Read more at Why Choose CONFORMAX™?

For any questions or to place an order by phone, please contact us at 1-877-977-8986.