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CONFORMAX™ Anywhere Anytime Gel Seat Cushions

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CONFORMAX™ seat cushions are designed to be equally usable for seat cushions for cars, truck seat cushions, gel pads for wheelchairs, and all gel pads for all seats. Simply, our products can easily be used as travel seat cushions. A toss and go solution sure to give maximum comfort in the home, office, or on the road!

  • Portable seat cushions are light and easy to carry
  • Use in a car or truck, on a mobility seat or wheelchair, cushion, in the football stadium or in your office chair
  • These durable, low profile gel cushions are unmatched for easy portability, and all day pain-free sitting.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Key Features Include:

  • The CONFORMAX™ gel-on-foam technology gives you the best of both gel and foam comfort!
  • This low profile cushion is only 1 1/2" thick, and features ½” of ULTRAGEL® cast directly onto 1"of Ultravis foam  which guarantees perfect body-conforming fit
  • Two removable cover options, that are water proof, washable and have a convenient handle for carrying "on the go":
    • Standard (lycra/neoprene): Stretchable and soft, body-conforming fabric
    • Airmax™ (mesh fabric): breathable, and firmer, ideal for maintaining a comfortable ventilated body temperature during long trips
  • Pressure relieving gel pads provide relief from sciatica nerve pain, low-back pain, poor circulation cutoff, or sensitive vascular issues like varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

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The cushions give me comfort and height.  They keep you back and bottom cool.
- Christine, 5/15/19
5 out of 5
Verified Purchase
Size: Airmax Cocoon of Comfort
My husband got me this since I'm short, 5', and his new car seats are apparently made for taller people. The lower back lumbar support was non-existent. This really helped, especially since there was no way I would be able to go on long rides if he didn't get this.
- Customer, 3/2/19
5 out of 5
Verified Purchase
Size: Conformax™ Car Seat Back