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UltraGel® Retach™ Ultraloop Gel Disc | Prosthetics Gel Pad

UltraGel® Retach™ Ultraloop Gel Disc | Prosthetics Gel Pad

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Product Description

RETACH™ is a lightweight, loop-backed protective gel disc that are 1/4" thick, having a layer of ULTRAGEL® on the front side and soft hook-sensitive material on the back. The product provides a convenient and easy attachment, detachment surface for velcro-type hook only fasteners, or any other hook fabric.

Note: This product version, supplied with adhesive-backed hook material 


  • 2.5" Disc (2pk) 
  • 2.5" Disc (4pk) 
  • 3.1" Disc (2pk)
  • 3.1" Disc (4pk)
  • 4.0" Disc (2pk) 
  • 4.0" Disc (4pk)

Each Kit Includes:

  •   Two loop backed gel discs
  •   Four adhesive backed hook material pads

Best Used:

  • As removable, repositionable or re-attachable gel padding or gel cushioning for any hard surface
  • To provide easily removable and reusable pressure relieving gel wraps or gel pads
  • To customize gel cushioning needs or die-cut discreet customized gel pads and gel sheets for easily attachable and repositionable pressure-relieving gel pads.  Available in discs, small pads, and strips
  • Great for skin or skate boots.  Provides extra support for hard contact areas like the ankle bone.

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