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  • Made entirely in the USA from our proprietary gel formulations. ULTRAGEL Body Care Gel Body Pads offer a new simple yet versatile and cost effective method of placing and securing protective gel padding anywhere on the body precisely where protection is needed. The gel pad is not bonded in a fixed position to the elastic sleeve as in conventional gel-sleeve padding. This enables the pads to be positioned, literally anywhere on the body and in any orientation allowing easy secure repositioning or adjustment under an elastic sleeve, sock, stocking, or by adhesive-backed tapes. PLEASE NOTE: Our low compression sleeve option is only intended to comfortably secure the gel pad in the desired position against the body. The sleeve is not intended to provide high compression joint support.
  • 3mm (0.12 in.) thickness soft gel padding protects and cushions skin against injury from impact, shear forces, and abrasion. In addition the gel gently softens and conditions the skin.
  • Non-woven backing on the pad eliminates (x-y) stretch for easy handling and superior tear-cut resistance. Also facilitates use with adhesive backed tape products to position and secure anywhere on the body where not practical for sleeves.
  • Product is non-adhesive, typically attached to body by placing wherever needed under a sock, stockings or elasticated tubular sleeves. Easily positioned, attached or repositioned when needed.
  • Hypoallergenic, does not contain natural latex, phthalates, BPA free. Durable, washable and reusable. Available with or without sleeves.



Provides easily positioned and repositionable gel padding for relief of skin pressure, skin shear, friction and impact anywhere on the body.

Pads and/or sleeves can be cut to size to fit your own particular needs.

As supplied, pads are completely non-tacky gel surface has a smooth silky feel. After repetitive use, pads maybe cleaned by washing in warm soapy water, pad drying with a towel and dusting with talc to restore smooth silky non-tacky surface.

Ideal for pain relief of lower leg/ankle, or foot protection in ski boots, roller/ice skating and hockey boots, anywhere chafing/pressure pain is a problem.

Multiple uses in orthotics, prosthetic, rehab devices and braces.


Note: Two Sleeves (7.0” and 9.5” circumference) each at 20" length included when choosing sleeve option.