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Conformax™ Car Seat Cushion Pad- New Era

Conformax™ Car Seat Cushion Pad- New Era

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Product Description

Key features include:

  • Proprietary CONFORMAX™ gel-foam technology: better comfort than gel or foam alone with our gel padding
  • Low-profile comfort: Only 1 in. thick with ½” of Ultrasoft viscoelastic ULTRAGEL® cast directly onto one inch of high-performance seating foam as a gel cushion 
  • Guarantees perfect body-conforming fit: ensuring all-day, pain-free sitting comfort as a pressure relief cushion
  • Reduces road and vehicle vibration: enhances fatigue resistance for long-haul, commuting, or everyday driving with our gel seat cushion for car
  • Gel pad seat for a comfortable car seat cushion experience

Cover options include: 

  • Standard lycra/neoprene: stretchable, body-conforming fabric
  • Airmax™: breathable, mesh fabric, ideal for maintaining a comfortable body temperature during all day driving or sitting
  • Durable, handsome removable zippered covers feature:
    • Conformable top surface
    • Non-slip friction grip bottom: ensures maximum comfort while preventing sliding on most seat surfaces as a gel cushion pad
  • Covers are water and spill-proof: easy cleaning
  • Color Black, safe for washing, air dry recommended

Two sizes of gel seat cushions available to suit any user requirement:

  • L18 style: (18x20x14) ideally sized for most mobility chairs, office chairs, and smaller vehicles as a gel seat cushion
  • L20 style: (20x20x14) ideally sized for larger vehicles and trucks with our gel pad

Select Standard or Airmax™ cover when ordering


  • L18 Cushion Dimensions: 18" Long, 20" Width Front, 14" Width Rear, about 1-1/2" Thick
  • L20 Cushion Dimensions: 20" Long, 20" Width Front, 14" Width Rear, about 1-1/2" Thick
"Love it! No more hip pain from long or short drives. It does not thaw fast if left overnight in the Alaska winter, but I just take it inside at night. Thought I was buying a wedge, don't need one. This gal seat is perfect!!" - Diana H. 3/15/21
"I have been using it in my SUV, where the leather seat was becoming too uncomfortable on long drives. It is working to create a more comfortable ride." - M. Thompson  12/11/20 
"I have a bit of a boney backside. I purchased a new car recently, and found the seats a little on the firm side! I ordered a gel cushion for the drivers seat and loved it so much, I ordered a second for the passenger side! It arrived in just a couple of days from the manufacturer. I would highly recommend to anyone who might be a bit boney on the backside! Just enough padding!" - Robert T. 8/19/20