The ULTRAGEL® ECONOMAX™ Gel Donut is our most economical reusable gel positioner available for multiple uses within home, extended care, clinical and hospital settings. It is used to minimize skin pressure and enhance comfort and skin safety for patients and users undergoing surgery, therapy, or requiring extended immobilization or bed-confinement. They are truly the "Swiss Army Knife of gel positioners" seamless, non-tacky, and self-healing if punctured.

They are also uncoated, allowing for direct skin-contact with the USP mineral-oil based gel to beneficially condition the skin in the contact area

The gel simulates human tissue and is designed to move with the user, not against them, to reduce both skin pressure and skin-shear forces, the leading causes of pressure sores

Available for purchase in 3 sizes to suit neonatal, pediatric and adult users

  • Neonatal Size: 3" diameter - 1 1/4" Height 
  • Pediatric Size: 5" diameter - 1 1/2" Height 
  • Adult Size: 7" diameter - 2" Height
Key Features
  • Use to protect head, neck, ears, knees or heels from skin damage as a result of restricted circulation from extended skin pressure while lying down.
  • Self-healing, will not leak or ooze if cut or punctured. Slow Micro transfer of USP mineral oil conditions the skin
  • Body-conforming with superior redistribution and equalization of skin pressure
  • Radio and X-Ray lucent. Latex- and Phthalate-free
  • Easily cleaned with warm anti-bacterial soap solution then pad-drying followed by light application of baby powder to minimize skin friction.
  • One-year Replacement Warranty to original purchaser if product fails to perform as designed under normal use.

Common Areas of Use when lying down

  • Head, neck and ears 
  • Heel
  • Elbow
  • Knees (in prone position)
  • Glutes 

Many users benefit day-in and day-out from these uniquely versatile ULTRAGEL® ECONOMAX™ Gel Donut and their pain-reducing comfort-enhancing properties.


"Works, first time, in a long time with no pain in heel." Ritz T. 7/8/2

"I'm in a power wheelchair. Fortunately, I don't have pressure sores but I do have problems with multiple epidermal cysts on my left buttock. I put the gel donut under the affected area when I take a bath. It not only relieves pressure but also allows warm water to get underneath the cysts." Ryan S. 7/20/2

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