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UltraGel® Economax Gel Head Donut

UltraGel® Economax Gel Head Donut

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Product Description

Key features include:
  • Use to protect head, neck, ears or heels from skin damage as a result of restricted circulation from extended skin pressure.
  • Self-healing , will not leak or ooze if cut or punctured. Slow Micro transfer of USP mineral oil conditions skin.
  • Body-conforming with superior redistribution and equalization of skin pressure.
  • Radio and X-Ray lucent. Latex- and Phthalate-free. Seamless design for ease of cleaning.
  • One-year Replacement Warranty to original purchaser if product fails to perform as designed under normal use.
  • ULTRAGEL® ECONOMAX™ Gel Donut is used to minimize skin pressure and enhance comfort and skin safety for patients undergoing surgery, therapy, or requiring extended immobilization in care-facilities or at home.
  • ULTRAGEL® ECONOMAX™ Gel Donut, our most economical line of reusable gel positioners, are made well in the USA from ULTRAGEL® viscoelastic polymer gel, formulated to reduce skin pressure, skin shear and skin friction.
  • They are seamless, have no protective coating, non-tacky, self healing if punctured and the most cost-effective gel positioners available today.
  • Easily cleaned by washing in warm soapy water followed by water rinse, and pad drying. Apply baby powder to restore smooth non-tacky surface.


  • Neonatal Size: -   3" diameter - 1 1/4" Height   x 1.5" inner dia.
  • Pediatric Size: - 5" diameter - 1 1/2" Height   x  2.1/4" inner dia.
  • Adult Size: -  7" diameter - 2" Height   x  3" inner dia.

For any questions or to place an order by phone, please contact us at 877-977-8986

"Works, first time, in a long time with no pain in heel." Ritz T. 7/8/20

"I'm in a power wheelchair. Fortunately, I don't have pressure sores but I do have problems with multiple epidermal cysts on my left buttock. I put the gel donut under the affected area when I take a bath. It not only relieves pressure but also allows warm water to get underneath the cysts." Ryan S. 7/20/20