Contract Manufacturing Services

by Brenda Stebbeds March 08, 2021

We can assist you from initial product conception, to material selection, process development, and manufacturing start-up for gel products and processes requiring thermo-set or hot-melt thermoplastic soft elastomer gels.

Providing a variety of ULTRAGEL™ fabrication and processing services including: 

  • Open pour gel casting and molding
  • Gel Injection molding
  • Gel bladder-casting
  • Gel dipping and coating
  • Gel-on-foam  and gel-on-fabric casting  and lamination
  • Gel spraying  

Secondary gel product finishing processes include:

  • Screen printing and decorating
  • Application of coatings and coverings, from non tack to high tack
  • Surface modification


We respect your need for complete confidentiality and regularly enter into Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements with clients. 

Follow the link below to our sister website and contact us to discuss your needs with complete assurance of confidentiality.

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Brenda Stebbeds
Brenda Stebbeds