All Day Knee Walker/Scooter Comfort

All Day Knee Walker/Scooter Comfort

In recent years, knee walkers/knee scooters have greatly improved convenience
and user-mobility during rehabilitation from lower leg, foot and ankle injuries or

The downside for many users however is often severe knee or fore-leg discomfort
after only short-time use (5-15 minutes) caused by skin pressure on the platform
weight-bearing limb. The heavier the user---the greater the discomfort!! Now the good news for *active, on the go users who need all day Knee Scooter Walker Comfort:

Here at we;ve developed an ULTRAGEL Knee Walker/Knee Scooter Gel Pad to relieve knee-platform skin-pressure and skin-shear pain and discomfort on the weight-bearing knee, shin and foreleg. The pad also reduces everyday wear and tear on the scooter platform itself.

Easy to install and clean the ULTRAGEL pad fits most Knee Walker/Knee Scooter
brands. It is 7 x14 “ for complete knee protection and available in two thicknesses:

  1. Regular (0.40 inch thick) for lite duty /lighter weight users
  2. Heavy Duty (0.70 inch thick) recommended for all-day use and users over 140lbs

Once rehabilitation is over and the walker/scooter is no longer needs, use the
Take your ULTRAGEL Personal Comfort Pad and turn any hard surface into all day comfort! Perfect on:

  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Any work surface for wrist, forearm or elbow comfort
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