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UltraGel® Knee Scooter Cushion

UltraGel® Knee Scooter Cushion

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Product Description

Key features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Reduces skin pressure and shear discomfort on the knee, shin, and foreleg
  • Provides all-day knee comfort and pressure relief
  • Conforms to the body for a customized fit
  • Can also reduce everyday wear and tear on the knee platform
  • Upgrade your knee walker or scooter with the ULTRAGEL® Gel Cushion and experience the benefits of pressure relief and all-day comfort.
  • Fits most Knee Walker and Knee Scooter Brands (Knee-ROVER, Drive Medical, Nova, Viva)
  • Body-conforming gel relieves skin pressure and skin-shear discomfort on the knee, shin, and foreleg. Pad also reduces everyday wear and tear on the knee platform
  • Easy to Install
  • Each pad has two low-profile hook straps attached across the width of the pad on the underside
  • These allow quick easy attachment of the ULTRAGEL® Pad to the knee platform of the knee/scooter using the low-profile loop straps provided
  • Use the One-Wrap hook and loop straps to attach the pad to flat-top knee platforms
  • Use the adhesive-backed low-profile loop strips provided to attach the pad to contoured or channel knee platforms

The Padded Knee Support for Walker is a cushioned support designed to provide comfort and protection to the knee joint while walking. It features a Viscoelastic Polymer Gel that conforms to the shape of the knee, providing gentle pressure relief and added support.

The Gel Cushion Pad is specially designed to fit onto a Knee Scooter, providing a soft and comfortable surface to rest the knee. The Knee Scooter Pad Cushion is a must-have accessory for anyone recovering from a knee injury or surgery.

Our Gel Pad is made from high-quality, durable materials, and features Gel Padding for maximum comfort. The Pressure Relief Cushion is perfect for anyone who spends long hours sitting, as it provides excellent pressure relief to the buttocks and hips. Whether you're recovering from an injury or simply looking for a more comfortable seating experience, this Cushion for a Knee Scooter is the perfect solution.


  • Easy to Clean:
  • A hygienic top surface that is easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Waterproof, spill proof with a hygienic polyurethane top-surface
    (no fuzzy, hairy sheepskin fabric to attract and retain grime, dirt, odors, and germs
  • Easily disinfected if required between multiple users using standard anti-bacterial, biocidal wipes or cleaners
  • Pad can also be washed in warm mild detergent if needed

Featuring Viscoelastic ULTRAGEL® for All-Day Pain-Free Knee Comfort!

The pad is 7x14" for complete knee protection, and is available in: 

  • Regular thickness (0.40 inch thick) 
  • Heavy Duty enhanced thickness (0.70 inch thick)  for larger, heavier users (greater than 200 lbs)

"Excellent. Well made. Very high quality product. Thank you." - Greg B. 7/29/20