Gel Comfort for the Home Office

Gel cushions and gel pads can significantly increase comfort and productivity for many customers working from home. Here are some thoughts  worth considering about working comfortably before your next marathon session at your desk, kitchen table, or whatever serves as a sitting work surface in your home office.

While a home office may seem like the perfect place to work, it may be far from perfect if you don’t think thru your own personal  needs.. Treat yourself like the professional you really are by creating an office space that suits your own particular style and needs ,both functional and personal. Paying special attention to your office chair and desk-top, where you probably spend more  hours of the day (and night!) than you care to think about ,can be time well spent.Make your home office a haven of comfort with gel products that preserve your health and well-being.

That's where we at can help .We manufacture gel cushions and gel pads for all kinds of applications .   Our CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime gel seat cushions will transform any chair  into a comfortable  pressure-reducing, body-conforming surface for all-day extended sitting comfort. CONFORMAX™  gel seat cushions are so comfortable, you’ll find yourself fidgeting less, and more focused than ever on the tasks at hand. For desk-top comfort our ULTRAGEL® Personal Comfort Pads  make any hard surface comfortable. Any boss should incorporate these durable and effective ergonomic products into an office. Shouldn't you?

Be sure to check these products out along with other useful sources of information on gel cushions ,gel pads and gel mats at the following links:

Now on to other , some would even say more important, issues worth thinking about as a home-based professional. If you work from home, no matter how comfortable of a space you create with the help of CONFORMAX™ gel cushions or ULTRAGEL® Personal Comfort Pads, there are still pitfalls to the “work at home” scenario, and some of them involve other people taking up space in your office, i.e., your family.

Here are some tips for home office efficiency:

If you want to maximize your productivity, tell your family what your work hours are. There’s nothing wrong with working from noon to 8pm if you set your own hours, but your family members might expect your attention at dinner, after-school, or just for some afternoon chatting. These are often normal tensions of "home offce" life, but they can get in the way of work, and you may have to arrive at some compromises so no one in your home will feel left out when you’re sequestered with your projects.

It’s also important that you notify your family of big important deadlines. To your family, cleaning a dirty bathroom can seem more important than finishing that all important report, unless you have notified everyone in advance about your deadline. Getting everything out in the open can prevent conflicts.

Finally,once you become so productive that you get ahead of projects and actually enjoy some leisure time, has lots of other neat products to help you unwind and enjoy your time off. These include the widest selection of ULTRAGEL® and CONFORMAX™ motorcycle seat gel pads, to make that motorcycle trip you’ve been promising yourself less of a “torture ride” and more of a perfect “dream ride”. Going to a ballgame or flying on business or vacation? Check out CONFORMAX™ “On the Go gel travel seat cushions at or call (877) 977-8986 to have your questions answered, or place an order by phone.

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