CONFORMAX Gel Seat Cushions

CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime™ Gel Seat Cushions

CONFORMAX™ "On The Go" Gel Travel Seat Cushions

About CONFORMAX™ Gel Seat Cushions

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Why Choose CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime Gel Cushions?

CONFORMAX™ body-conforming Gel-Foam technology offers better comfort than gel or foam alone.

Key Features Include:

  • Proprietary CONFORMAX™ gel-foam technology means better comfort than gel or foam alone.
  • Low-profile comfort. Only 1.5 in. thick with ½” of Ultrasoft viscoelastic Ultragel® cast directly onto one inch of Ultravis foam guarantees perfect body-conforming fit to the user’s anatomy ensuring all day, pain free sitting comfort.
  • Cover options include either Standard lycra/neoprene, which is a stretchable, body-conforming fabric, or Airmax™, a breathable, mesh fabric, ideal for maintaining a comfortable body temperature during all day driving or sitting.
  • These durable, handsome removable zippered covers, with conformable top surface and non-slip friction grip bottom ensure maximum comfort while preventing sliding on most surfaces. IMPORTANT NOTE: CONFORMAX™ cushions with the Standard covers are our softest cushions. AIRMAX™ cushions will be firmer, but will result in a “ventilated”, cooler, extended sitting experience.
  • Covers are water and spill-proof for easy cleaning.
  • Sturdy, flexible handle for easy carrying and attachment to luggage for better portability.
  • Color Black, safe for washing. Air dry recommended.

CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime™ Gel Cushions won’t bottom out and won’t wing-up. They conform perfectly to any seat and body contours. Additionally, they are spill-proof and easily cleaned ----just wipe with a damp cloth and pad dry.

Our cushions are also not just designed for a specific use, but to be equally usable and give maximum comfort for all kinds of extended sitting, on the road, in the office, at home, or wherever you are seat-bound for long periods.They give years of body-nurturing comfort --- Anywhere, Anytime!