Personal Comfort is Not Just a "Wish List" Item

Personal Comfort is Not Just a "Wish List" Item

When it comes down to the simple necessities of living, our personal comfort is a top priority. ONLYGEL has been designing, researching and perfecting gel cushions for personal comfort for over 40 years.

We manufacture all gel cushions with the highest quality FDA or USP compliant ingredients that do not contain hazardous materials and are phthalate and latex free. All Onlygel gel cushions are skin-safe and our manufacturing procedures are environmentally sound.

Recently we introduced our ULTRAGEL Relieve line of products developed for home and institutional health care use. Specifically ULTRAGEL Relieve prevents pressure sores, decubitus ulcers, toilet seat discomfort, and skin damage; in elderly, handicapped, disabled, and other individuals with compromised skin conditions. For many individuals, personal comfort is not just a “wish list" item but an absolute necessity, preventing skin damage and promoting physical well being.  Our ULTRAGEL Relieve toilet seat cushion is one of the first products released, and is already receiving great reviews from individuals users and caregivers.

Now offered in four different sizes, the proprietary, durable and Oh so Soft! The ULTRAGEL Toilet Seat Commode Cushion offers these quality features:

  • Slow return gel for the best body-conforming, pressure-reducing sitting comfort
  • Easily, quickly, and securely attaches to, and fits most toilet/commode seats
  • Can be quickly removed and securely reattached (in seconds) if removal required for thorough cleaning or disinfecting
  • Easy routine care, cleaning or disinfecting
  • The cushion is hypoallergenic, waterproof, spill proof and extremely durable. Will not leak if punctured
  • Latex, Silicone, and Plasticizer Free
It feels so good! It is a well designed product and even though it cost more than other similar gel pad on the market it's performance justifies the extra cost.”
- H. Verified Purchase
The new line of ULTRAGEL Relieve gel pads is the solution you need to bring personal comfort to your home!
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