Aches & Pains in the Workplace

Often when we think of comfort we imagine ourselves relaxing at home, vacations on the beach, or getting a massage … anything really, that is outside of our workspace! 

However comfort is also an increasingly important factor in delivering productivity in the workplace. Desk bound workers often complain about feeling uncomfortable and fidgety when sitting at their desks. Then as the “nine to five” comes to an end, most get into their cars and compound the aches and pains with additional sitting time in their driver's seat, on an extended home commute. 

These aches and pains can include things like:

  • Sciatica
  • Low back strain
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Tendonitis 
  • Skin Shear on the Elbows and Wrists
  • Trigger points in shoulders
  • Sunken posture 
  • Muscle weakness 

“To alleviate this stress, redesign your workspace to encourage well-aligned posture. There are many ways to improve the ergonomics — efficiency and comfort level — of a typical workstation”, states the Mayo Clinic in a published 2018 article by By Jill M. Henderzahs-Mason P.T.  

The use of gel cushions has been an increasingly popular option to improve office ergonomics.  Here’s a few of the common uses:   

  • To aide in wrist and elbow shear comfort consider the use of a Arm/Wrist Rest Gel Pad that is offered in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your desk space 
  • For wrist pain due to over activity the compact WristPal is a great portable option
  • You may need to work with your desk to chair to add padding to it’s seat or back to ensure you are positioned and cushioned properly.  Onlygel offers a variety of gel seat cushions 




Still not sure how to determine if your space is ergonomically friendly for your body? See the Mayo Clinics 6 part questionnaire here.   

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