Gel Travel Cushions :The Road Warrior's Guide to Comfortable AirTravel

One airline just announced they are adding more, yes more, seats to the already tight confines of the 757’s, A319’s, and the A320’s. These seats will be smaller and lighter-weight, and shorter, from front to back. What this means is we will all have less room for sitting.

For the seasoned air traveler, economy seating is already uncomfortable and tight fitting. By the time we deplane we may be experiencing leg cramps, numbness to the lower extremities, as well as pressure pain from sitting in an unnatural and uncomfortable position for far too long. In addition, there are security checkpoint lines that force us to stand for longer periods of time, which can cause various aches and other pressure induced pain.

How does the consummate traveler make the best of a bad situation? You do this by  and investing in you, your health, and your physical well-being.

Tools of the Trade

Many road warriors, whether traveling by car, plane or train, carry portable gel travel seat cushions. Travel gel seat pads and gel cushions are ideal for airline seating, stadium seating, or any seating area that is not generally conducive to sitting comfortably. CONFORMAX™ “On the Go” Gel Travel  Seat Cushions come in three sizes, all designed to provide a comfortable seating surface that will easily fit your On the Go travel needs. All three pads have convenient, elasticized carrying handles, which are designed to fit snugly around most  "wheelie" luggage handles, make it an easy item to tote around, or carry on to a plane.


Proprietary CONFORMAX™ gel-foam technology means better comfort than gel or foam alone.
Low-profile comfort. Only 1.5 in. thick with ½” of ultrasoft viscoelastic ULTRAGEL® cast directly onto one inch of ULTRAVIS™ foam guarantees perfect body-conforming fit to the user’s anatomy ensuring all day, pain free sitting comfort.

Durable, handsome removable zippered covers, with conformable top surface and non-slip bottom ensure maximum comfort while preventing sliding on most surfaces.
Covers are water and spill-proof for easy cleaning.

The next trip you make, take along a CONFORMAX™ “On the Go” Gel Travel  Seat Cushion along with, of course, the necessary interpersonal skills and good sense of humor to deal with the usual hassles of air travel.  It will make the trip seem a lot shorter, and your body will thank you for the wonderful, body-nurturing comfort you'll experience.

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