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Gel Elbow Pad / Gel Wrist Pad | Gel Desk Pads 6"

Gel Elbow Pad / Gel Wrist Pad | Gel Desk Pads 6"

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • MADE IN OUR OWN USA FACTORY. From our prorietory slow return “dead gel” fomulation to replicate soft human muscle tissue. Instantly converts any hard surface into an OH SO COMFY body conforming support surface.
  • COMPLETELY ODOR FREE, NON-STICKY AND LIFETIME HYPOALERGINEC SURFACE. EASILY CLEANED, durable, waterproof/spill proof will not leak if punctured.
  • PORTABLE WITH NON-SLIP BASE for reliable all-day stay-in-place performance and comfort wherever positioned on the desktop. SIZE: 6” dia. with thicknesses and two color options.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST DESK ELBOW/WRIST REST, elbow/wrist pillow, elbow/wrist pad or elbow/wrist cushion available today. NOT A FLEXIBLE PLASTIC DISC AS IN SOME ELBOW DESK PADS, but a TRUE VISCOELASTIC GEL to give superior ELBOW COMFORT. Helps relieve elbow/wrist pain from CTS, bursitis and other repetitive-use stresses or hard surface contact.

    If you sit or work at a desk, work bench, counter top or other hard surface all day long you will have, almost certainly, experienced wrist or elbow pain or other discomfort caused by leaning on or contact with the hard surface. Worse yet, if you already have CTS, bursitis, or other nerve damage to these joints, the agony can often be unbearable after only a short time. Prior to developing the ULTRAGEL RELIEVE ELBOW REST, after extensive testing of existing products, we found no single competitive elbow pad offered all of the properties required to solve all of the above problems.In some casesproducts offered no meaningful benefits at all. NOW THE GOOD NEWS, as manucfacturers of the finest line of US MADE gel cushions and gel pads, we can offer the best ERGONOMIC desk gel, elbow wrist elbow pillow, elbow pad or elbow cushion, having all the following attributes: 1. Outstanding OH SO SOFT comfort and support while offering protection against skin damage on extended hard surface contact. 2. Odor free with a non sticky skin-safe contact surface. 3. Easy portability and positioning with a non-slip base for all day stay-in-place performance anywhere, anytime. 4.) Abuse resistant, waterproof and spill proof with easy cleanability. Resistant to common desinfecting detergent solutions if heavily soiled.