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UltraGel® Motorcycle Gel Seat Pad - TR Series

UltraGel® Motorcycle Gel Seat Pad - TR Series

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Product Description

Key features include:
  • "SWEET SPOT" gel composition/thickness for maximum rider comfort.
  • Uniform distribution of heat and body weight. Will not leak if punctured. Conform efficiently and comfortably to the body.
  • Provide slow recovery dynamics after deformation, minimizing skin shear, skin pressure points and blood-circulation cut-off.
  • Reduce transmission of road impacts and bike vibrations minimizing rider-fatigue on long trips.
  • Easily trimmed to your size needs. All pads and seat pads come with smoothing foam and installation instructions.
SMALL TR: 7.5" Length x 9" Rear Width x 7" Front Width
MEDIUM TR: 10" Length x 13" Rear Width x 7" Front Width
MEDIUM LARGE TR:: 12" Length x 15" Rear Width x 9" Front Width
LARGE TR: 18" Length x 20" Rear Width x 13" Front Width
EXTRA LARGE TR: 20" Length x 20" Rear Width x 13" Front Width
Thickness: 5/8" of ULTRAGEL® - 100% pure Gel.

ULTRAGEL® motorcycle seat gel pads and offer the widest selection of motorcycle seat gel available today.
ULTRAGEL® pad gives you a Medium Ride

Absorb road impacts and bike vibration minimizing rider fatigue.

Evenly distribute heat and pressure. Significantly enhance rider comfort during and after long road trips. Use as a seat gel insert under the top cover of existing motorcycle seat or as an insert for a motorcycle top-cushion.

CAUTION: Do NOT use as is, or as supplied, on top of your seat!

Still not convinced? Read more on why you should choose our motorcycle seat gel pads visit our Motorcycle Sweet Spot!

For any questions or to place an order by phone, please contact us at 1 (877) 977-8986.