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Conformax Vehicle Center Console Armrest Memory Foam Pad

Conformax Vehicle Center Console Armrest Memory Foam Pad

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(6.5x8.5)- 197644775385, (14.5x7.75)-  197644043804(12.5x8.5)- 197644793402

The Conformax Vehicle Armrest provides all day comfort and support in a car, truck, SUV or RV with uncomfortable center consoles. Simply position and secure the low profile Velcro loop strap around the console lid, attach the adhesive backed Velcro hook strip (supplied) to the bottom of the pad and attach the pad to the strap. This pad reduces wrist, forearm and elbow discomfort and pain. Perfect for driving around town or commuting, essential for extended trips or for drivers with arm related discomfort. Sizes to fit most car, SUV, truck and RV center consoles.
Key Features:
  • Made in the USA 
  • Water proof, completely stain/spill proof. Latex free, Odor-free Skin Safe AND easily cleaned. Smooth, coated stretch fabric top cover, non-slip bottom.
  • Formulated to replicate soft human tissue for maximum body-conforming comfort for any hard surface. Reduces forearm fatigue and skin pressure points, keeping your wrist, forearm and elbow, resting in comfort and pain free.
  • Convenient, secure attachment to console lids allows choice of positioning for specific driver/vehicle combination and secure attachment when opening the console lid to vertical. Quick removal and reattachment when necessary.
  • Fit most popular car, truck, SUV and RV models. Sizes: 1.8 inch thick, 6.5x8.5, 14.5x7.75, 12.5x8.5 inches.