Why Choose CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime Gel Cushions?

CONFORMAX™ body-conforming Gel-Foam technology offers better comfort than gel or foam alone. A top layer of specially formulated ULTRAGEL® SSG Super Soft Gel cast onto and directly bonded to a bottom layer of  ULTRAVIS™ viscoelastic memory foam provides the most efficient, comfortable body-conforming, pressure-reducing interface between the user and the seat available in gel cushions today.

Features include:

  • A handsome, zippered cover with a durable, stretchable, body-conforming lycra/neoprene top surface ensures long lasting superior comfort.
  • Non-slip friction-grip bottom prevents sliding, especially important for driving cushions on sudden braking.
  • Up to 50% more comfort-enhancing, body-conforming surface than other leading gel-foam cushions.
  • This becomes more important as the body size of the user increases and is especially important for enhanced pressure protection in ergonomic office chairs with hard plastic side rails on the seat frame.

CONFORMAX™ Anywhere, Anytime™ Gel Cushions won’t bottom out and won’t wing-up. They conform perfectly to any seat and body contours. Additionally, they are spill-proof and easily cleaned ----just wipe with a damp cloth and pad dry.

Our cushions are also not just designed for a specific use, but to be equally usable and give maximum comfort for all kinds of extended sitting, on the road, in the office, at home, or wherever you are seat-bound for long periods.They give years of body-nurturing comfort--- Anywhere, Anytime!

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