Balancing the "Sweet Spot"

In both ULTRAGEL® and CONFORMAX™ brands our gel has been formulated to give the “SWEET SPOT” best balance of tactile and dynamic properties to maximize rider comfort. Soft enough to easily conform to body contours and to minimize bounce or resilience, yet firm enough to provide maximum comfort, needed support, and stability to the rider. We’ve also optimised gel thickness (at  5/8 inch) for stand alone gel pads so you don’t pay for more gel than needed, but which really enhances rider comfort compared to thin 1/4" or 3/8" pads. GEL THICKNESS MATTERS!!!  DON’T LET ANYONE TRY TO CONVINCE YOU OTHERWISE.

 Features include:

We private-label gel pads for several after-market motorcycle seat and gel seat pad suppliers.  Now, by offering  ULTRAGEL® pure gel and CONFORMAX™ body-conforming motorcycle gel pads and gel cushion inserts directly on-line at unprecedented savings, you can own the best performing, cost-effective motorcycle gel pads money can buy.

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