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UltraGel® Gel Anywhere, Anytime Elbow Pad

UltraGel® Gel Anywhere, Anytime Elbow Pad

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Product Description

Key features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Formulated to replicate soft human tissue for maximum body-conforming comfort for any hard surface..
  • Eliminate/minimize painful skin-pressure and skin-shear for elbows, arms, wrists, legs, etc. under resting pressures.
  • Odor free, skin safe, spill proof, resist most stains and easily cleaned.
  • NON-SLIP Base: provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of the pad. Larger sizes provide extra surface for forearm comfort.
Use low profile ULTRAGEL® Personal Comfort Pads anywhere you need additional comfort and skin pressure relief on bony body parts such as elbows, wrist, arms, legs, knees, heels, shoulders, in contact with any hard surface. NOTE: Not recommended for use as full body weight seat cushions or mattress pads.
  • Several RECTANGULAR and DISC sizes available
  • Choice of base: Non-slip base or hook sensitive loop (five 1.0" dia. low profile (0.040") adhesive backed ULTRAHOOK discs supplied with each pad) for secure yet repositionable installation
  • Color: Black Top cover: Four way stretch lycra
  • Interior: ULTRAGEL® Vicoelastic dry polymer gel (no free liquids)
Application areas include:
  1. AUTOMOBILES and TRUCKS: center console and door arm/leg rest.
  2. OFFICE and HOME: Computer gaming pads,  wrist pads, end of desk armrests, under-desk knee bump pads, lap top wrist rests. Low profile impact/scuff protection for expensive furniture and glass surfaces, e.g. rings and key chains, pocket knives, cell phones, bill folds, loose change, etc. Seat pad for baby strollers.
  3. MEDICAL/ORTHOPEDIC: Wheel Chair pads (arm rest, foot/leg, and chair back support cushioning.

"These are the best gel pads I can find. I'm happy to pay a little more for high quality, made in USA product that is super comfortable and crafted to look great and last!" - Melik M. 4/18/21