Gel Car and Seat Back Cushion Combo “Cocoon of Comfort"

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Our CONFORMAX™ Gel Car and Seat Back Cushion Combo is the "Cocoon of Comfort"! Providing extended all day comfort and relief from annoying driving discomfort. Attach the Seat Back Cushion around the support pillars of the headrest using the integral hook and loop straps. Position of cushion is adjustable, and can be lengthened or shortened, to fit user preference, according to body size and seat back size. Perfectly conforms to any seat back and user contour. CONFORMAX Anywhere, Anytime Gel™ cushions are designed to be equally usable and give maximum comfort in the home, office, on the road or any extended sitting situation. 

This item includes:
1 - Gel Seat Back Cushion
1 - Gel Seat Cushion (L18 or L20)
  • Seat Back Cushion Dimensions: 20" Long, 16" Wide, 1-1/2" Thick
  • L18 Cushion Dimensions: 18" Long, 20" Front Width, 14" Rear Width, about 1-1/2" Thick
    L20 Cushion Dimensions: 20" Long, 20" Front Width, 14" Rear Width, about 1-1/2" Thick
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed to fit most vehicles, whether car, truck or SUV
Cover Options Include (color: black):
    • Standard lycra/neoprene which is a stretchable, body-conforming fabric
    • Airmax™- a breathable, mesh fabric, ideal for maintaining a comfortable body temperature during all day driving or sitting


"Installed nicely. Looks very good. Have not been on a long road trip yet for the real test. Thank you for asking." - Stephen W. 6/20/20

"Have tried quite a few different cushions. It's worth every penny." - John
Perfect for my car.  I am short & never could find a cushion that was comfortable and high enough.  This cushion is perfect.  Love it. - Barbara

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