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ULTRAGEL® WristPal Gel Wrist Protector with Strap

ULTRAGEL® WristPal Gel Wrist Protector with Strap

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Product Description

ULTRAGEL® Wearable WristPal can give immediate relief of pain and discomfort associated with repetitive activity involving hand/wrist contact with hard support surfaces. Perfect for work-related or domestic repetitive wrist or heel of hand contact with hard surfaces. ULTRAGEL® Wearable WristPal is easily attached to the wrist with an adjustable elastic strap secured by a low profile hook and loop tab. One size fits all. Very easy to attach or remove, it is light weight and extremely comfortable and unobtrusively worn all day if necessary.

In addition to outstanding comfort and pain relief, the two most important attributes of ULTRAGEL® Wearable WristPal are:

  • Absolutely no restriction of motion of the hand, fingers, wrist or forearm. Complete freedom of movement
  • Frees-up much needed desk or work space by eliminating the need for traditional bulky fixed position mouse pads or keyboard wrist rests
  • Your ULTRAGEL® Wearable WristPal pain relieving wrist rest is always with you whenever or wherever you need wrist protection

Key Features:

  • Made in the USA 
  • Levels, supports and cradles the wrist joint, heel of the hand, with complete freedom of movement of fingers, hand, arm or shoulder.
  • Light weight and comfortable. Wear all day and forget it’s on your wrist. Ideal for computer users, sewing machine operators, video editing or anyone needing wrist protection against a hard surface.
  • Computer users Free-up cluttered desk work space and choose your own most comfortable working position-- not one dictated by traditional fixed-position desk wrist rests.
  • Larger protection area than wrist donuts. Protects where needed most, heel of hand, wrist and even forearm if needed, with no bulky padding on side or top of the wrist. 

Instructions for Use: 

For maximum comfort this pad should be worn across the wrist joint and lower palm (i.e. the heel of the hand) to not only cushion the carpal bones, but also to support and level the wrist joint. This will assure a neutral relaxing position and enable work with the comfortable straight wrist as recommended by most Health and Safety Experts (HSE).   WRISTPAL should be worn as a snug fit but not too tightly. It should never feel uncomfortable in anyway and if it does, it can be easily adjusted. Most users wear it just loose enough to run a finger under it between the pad and wrist. This degree of looseness also enables the WRISTPAL to be turned around while still on the wrist so that the flat elastic section of the strap is under the wrist to facilitate using a pen or other writing or cutting instrument when necessary.

Fitting your WRISTPAL is no more difficult than putting on a wrist watch. The following steps illustrated below will ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort: 

Position your wrist in an upward position. Then place the WRISTPAL across your wrist joint and lower palm as illustrated with the Lycra covered gel surface against the skin and the hook sensitive loop fabric should be facing upward. 
   With the free hand bring the loose end of the strap under the top of the wrist and across the loop side of the WRISTPAL and press the hook side of the strap against the loop side of the WRISTPAL.
Adjust the tightness of the WRISTPAL so that you can easily slide your fingers between the wrist and the WRISTPAL or adjust to your own preference.

The WRISTPAL should gently cradle your wrist joint and be easy to position so it cushions and protects the lower carpal bones, the pisiform bone to form a pressure relieving bridge across the carpal tunnel area as your hand and wrist move naturally when using your mouse.
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