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UltraGel® Center Console Armrest Gel Pad

UltraGel® Center Console Armrest Gel Pad

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Product Description

Key Features:

  • Made in the USA: Ensures high quality and durability
  • Easy maintenance: Waterproof, stain/spill proof, latex-free, odor-free, skin-safe, and easily cleaned
  • Material and design: Smooth, cool stretch fabric top cover with non-slip bottom
  • Comfortable support: ULTRAGEL® is formulated to replicate soft human tissue for maximum body-conforming comfort on hard surfaces 
  • Reduces fatigue: Reduces forearm fatigue and skin pressure points with gel padding, ensuring comfortable and pain-free wrist, forearm, and elbow support with a gel cushion pad
  • Convenient attachment: Secure attachment to center console armrest covers with a universal center console armrest
  • Versatility: Allows positioning choice for specific driver/vehicle combinations with an auto center console armrest cover
  • Easy removal and reattachment: Quick removal and reattachment when necessary
  • Compatibility: Fits most popular car, truck, SUV, and RV models
  • Sizes available: 6x8 in., 12x12 in., 12x14 in., 14x14 in.
  • Additional comfort: Center console armrest cushion with an armrest gel pad

Introducing the ULTRAGEL® Vehicle Armrest for all-day comfort and support in cars, trucks, SUVs, or RVs with uncomfortable center consoles:

  • Easy installation: Position and secure the low profile Velcro loop strap around the console lid
  • Simple attachment: Attach the adhesive backed Velcro hook strip (supplied) to the bottom of the gel pad, and then attach the pressure relief cushion to the strap
  • Enhanced comfort: Reduces wrist, forearm, and elbow discomfort and pain
  • Ideal for various driving conditions: Perfect for driving around town, commuting, extended trips, or for drivers with arm-related discomfort
  • Compatibility: Sizes to fit most car, SUV, truck, and RV center consoles


"This is our 3rd Ultragel product and I'm pretty sure it won't be our last. Quality made with comfort in mind. We use these not only in our car but in our home as well. Anywhere there is an uncomfortable surface, Ultragel is there to save the day."  - Stefannie P. 2/7/21

"My 4th armrest gel pad came in over the weekend. Just as great as the other three. Fast service. Courteous personnel. High quality product." Tim S. 11/23/20

"It’s a Christmas gift for my husband who has been wreaking havoc on his arthritic elbow, but from the look and feel of it, I think it’s going to be perfect to increase his comfort level! I’m so glad I found your company and this product, because other console covers that I’ve seen online were only covers, not pads that would relieve pressure. I know this is going to make him very happy!" Christine F. 12/11/20