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Conformax™ Trucker Seat Cushion-New Era

Conformax™ Trucker Seat Cushion-New Era

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Key features include:

  • ALL THE FEATURES YOU ASKED FOR INCLUDING: Five star CONFORMAX quality and customer satisfaction. Low profile (only 1 inch thin!). “OH SO SOFT” super comfy squishy ULTRAGEL layer cast on high performance seating foam base gives maximum relief of skin pressure points. Two generous size options fit most car/truck seats.
  • REVOLUTIONARY SLOW- RECOVERY/LOW RESILIENCE ULTRAGEL provides “no- bounce” sitting stability and maximum comfort.
  • Body-conforming gel means ALL-DAY EXTENDED SITTING COMFORT.
  • With conformable top surface and non-slip friction grip bottom ensure maximum comfort while preventing sliding on most surfaces.
  • TWO AVAILABLE SIZES: L18 (18" length x 20" front width x 14" rear width) and L20 (20" length x 20" front width x 14" rear width). Color Black.

Conformax™ gel cushion with durability built in. Our pressure relief cushion can withstand drastic temperature changes for driving in almost any condition. The gel padding construction is more comfortable yet thinner allowing for minimal car seat adjustments. Seat cushion for truck drivers require major long lasting attributes. The trucker seat pad that also is being called the most comfortable car seat cushion.


The CONFORMAX Relieve gel seat cushion cars are just as functional to use as a trucker seat pad. They can withstand well below freezing temperature down to 0 deg. F. Our CONFORMAX all season car-truck gel seat cushion expands our CONFORMAX gel cushion lines in response to customer requests for a thinner, low profile, Ulrasoft gel cushion with cover options to facilitate truly all season driving comfort.

These new all season driving cushions are generously sized (L18 and L20) to fit the whole seating area of most commercial car-truck and office seat sizes. They give pressure-relieving, body conforming comfort to all of the drivers’ seat-contact surface including under the legs all the way to the front of the seat, as well as to the thighs along the widest part of the seat, together with the area directly under the drivers’ two pelvic “sitz bones”. 

The new lower profile (only 1 inch thin) now should allow even the tallest drivers avoid “head bump” in even the smallest vehicles. The use of the new slow recovery/low resiliency “squishy” ULTRAGEL minimizes engine and vehicle vibration effects and “driver bounce” resulting from poorly maintained roads or all-terrain vehicles in off-road situations.

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