CONFORMAX™ Office Gel Seat Cushion - New Era

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Our Conformax™ new era Office Gel Seat Cushion expands our Conformax gel cushion lines in response to customer requests for a thinner, low profile, Ulrasoft gel cushion with cover options to facilitate extended sitting comfort for all users. These new cushions are generously sized (L18 and L20) to fit the whole seating area of most regular office chairs. They give pressure-relieving, body conforming comfort to all of the seat-contact surface of the user, including under the legs all the way to the front of the seat, as well as to the thighs along the widest part of the seat (and the hard “side-rails” on some of the contemporary chairs) together with the area directly under the two pelvic “sitz bones”.
Key Features:
  • Made in the USA
  • Low profile (only 1 inch thin!). “OH SO SOFT” super comfy squishy ULTRAGEL® layer cast on high performance seating foam base gives maximum relief of skin pressure points. Two generous size options fit most office chairs.
  • Revolutionary slow- recovery/low resilience ULTRAGEL provides “no- bounce” sitting stability and maximum comfort.
  • Not just spill proof. The sealed gel/foam insert is completely water proof with integral leak-proof peripheral seal.
  • TWO COVER OPTIONS. Available with choice of one or two different removable covers
    • AIRMAX” covers for extended “ventilated” cool sitting in summer
    • MICRO FIBER “NO PILL” FLEECE cover for plush luxurious feel


Note: This Conformax New ERA OFFICE are intended for indoor use at normal temperatures above 45 deg F. They are not suitable for use at lower temperatures.

The most important new feature is the availability of two cover options to provide users a choice of appearance and touch as well as a measure of control over sitting temperature on extended sitting depending upon the user’s preference and/or body chemistry. Choose the AIRMAX cover for a more ventilated extended sitting experience if you tend to perspire easily. Choose the Micro fiber “no pill” Fleece cover if you prefer a softer plush cover. Both covers easily removed and are washable on mild or cold cycle. Hand dry.

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