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MADE IN THE USA. For outstanding sitting comfort and improves sitting posture. Contoured core with super soft Ultragel top surface layer reduces peak skin pressure on sitting bones. Aids in relief of lower back pains, sciatica and hip/leg pain. Improves circulation over entire sitting surface. Perfect for home, office, car/truck, wheelchair or any extended sitting situation. Pressure mapping studies confirm superior body-nurturing comfort over leading waffle gel or liquicel cushion concepts. 

Poor sitting posture resulting in incorrect spine angles is known to be a major cause of lower back pain, sciatica, and hip and leg pain. CONFORMAX™ ERGO "POSTURE-POSITIVE" Gel Seat Cushions are designed to address and correct sitting posture as well as enhance overall sitting comfort. We often spend over 70% of our waking hours sitting up to 7 hours at a time. We sit on poorly-designed chairs or seats, with hard or unforgiving surfaces, and often sit with less than perfect sitting posture. The inevitable result is discomfort, even severe pain, muscle fatigue and soreness, and often reduced blood circulation resulting in numbness and constant fidgeting. However, as a result of innovative design and the thoughtful choice of 21st century materials and processes, CONFORMAX™ ERGO "POSTURE-POSITIVE" Gel Seat Cushions effectively combat all of these deficiencies to give body-nurturing comfort and improved control over sitting posture. NOTE: The CONFORMAX™ ERGO "POSTURE-POSITIVE" Seat Cushions are intentionally firmer than most conventional gel cushions in order to assist and enhance correct sitting posture, which itself is a major contributor to overall sitting comfort. The Ultra-soft Viscoelastic ULTRAGEL™ layer results in outstanding sitting comfort, in spite of the overall firmness of the cushion. Pressure mapping studies comparing all CONFORMAX™ ERGO "POSTURE-POSITIVE" Gel Seat cushions and other CONFORMAX™ gel cushions with other gel seat cushions demonstrate superior long-term sitting comfort of all CONFORMAX™ cushions. Use them anywhere you sit at home, in the office, in the car or truck, on boats, wheelchairs, stadiums, school, bleachers, or wherever you need body-conforming comfort for extended sitting.

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