ULTRAGEL "Gaming" Super Comfy Arm/Elbow/Wrist Rest Gel Pads


These are a nerve ending saver. I have one at work, and am looking to purchase another at home. Hopefully the price will dip slightly so that i can jump on it. it sits flat and has just the right amount of cushion to reduce the discomfort of having your elbows on our desk for 5 to 6 hours a day. Andy-- (5x12.5 SLIM)


CONFORMAX™  Anywhere, Anytime Gel Seat Cushions 



I love this cushion! It is as comfortable as I expected (and more!). I am using it in my work van. I am not a tall gal so this is just what I needed to give me some extra height. The fact that it is so comfy is a bonus! I plan to buy more. Lynda (Conformax L-18)

The cushions are great! Took a 4 hr trip and no numb bottom . My shoulder blades are uneven and this provided cushioning. No back pain!! We have a buick and you would think the seats would be comfortable. The cushion didn't even get hot left all day in 92 degree weather.i would highly recommend. Davey (Cocoon of Comfort) 


Many thanks for the quality of my seat cushion. It arrived today and I put it to immediate use. What  a comfortable, conforming cushion and it DOES stay in place when getting in and out of the car. I purchased another seat cushion from a competitor for almost twice the amount a few months back and your product far exceeds their product in comfort, design and quality. Thanks again, and if you ever need an unsolicited spokesperson, I am the person!!!!   If anyone needs a cushion whether it be for work, home, car, motorcycle, wheelchair,,, I would highly recommend looking at this product... GS   (Conformax L-20)


The following email came from a military veteran during a tour of duty overseas. He also shared the attached photo with us, and as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.. Thank you, Jarrod!  (Conformax L-20)

excerpt from email: Hey i wanted to give an update and show you a motivational picture. the seat cushion has been working flawlessly, i can see a huge difference in time i am able to remain in my seat without discomfort. I can also say with my added 50 lbs of bulletproof vest i wear, the gelseat covering hasn’t tore or ripped. i cant say with proof it has saved my back in 2 ied blasts or not. but i have no pain and i was using your seat cushion. my driver occasionally uses it when he starts complaining about his stuffed seat cushion made for grandma chairs in the kitchen. definitely taking it home and using in my truck. thanks!

"In 1 WEEK the pain in my groin, Right Lower Back was GONE! Thanks!!!" (Conformax L-18WH)


 "Thanks for the fast shipping of my Conformax-Anywhere, Anytime, Gel Cushion. I am very impressed with the overall quality and looks of the cushion. I was a little hesitant at the price, but the cushion is worth every penny. The L20 fits the bucket seat of my GMC Canyon PERFECTLY and provides excellent cushion over the lumbar support bars that are not covered properly. It stays in place and does not slide around while driving. I am very pleased."    (-Brent about a Conformax L-20 WH)


"I wanted to let you know how much i appreciate your seat cushion. You have changed my life! I can't live without this cushion! I feel that this seat cushion provides just the right amount of softness needed to make any surface comfortable. I have the cushion with handles and I take it everywhere! I have it in my car all the time...I travel about 60+ miles per day in my car. I previously was experiencing sciatica nerve problems. However since using your cushion, I am pain free! I take the cushion to sporting event that have bleachers, to the park with picnic tables and even to a yoga class that required extensive sitting and meditating. The cushion makes any hard seating surface pleasant. The cushion is also very easy to wipe clean! Thank you so much for making this wonderful cushion I love it!!!!!!   (-Lisa about a Conformax gel seat cushion)


"I just had to tell you how much I LOVE the gel cushion for my office chair. It made the chair which I had stopped using in the office like new. In fact more comfortable than it ever was and it was an expensive chair. But more than that the pain running down my leg from my back eased after 3 days. The cushion fits either of my office chairs which are different shapes and it extends the full size of either seat. There is no pressure under my knees. Wonderful product. The answer to my prayers. Thank you. (-Abby about a Conformax gel seat cushion )


"3rd cushion I have bought...everyone likes to sit on them" (Conformax L-18)


"I'm the guy with whom you spent a good bit of time on the phone on August 13. I am overjoyed with the  L20 which performs as you said it would and exceeds my expectations. My new Scion FR-S sports car now has the most comfortable ride and my sciatica is no longer an issue. Thanks. I've passed you link on to others. (-Vilis about a Conformax L-20 Gel seat cushion)


"THE BEST Gel Cushion, First cushions that WORKS, You saved my behind!" (Conformax L-20WH)


By msigmund1 on April 20, 2016

Size:  (Conformax L-18)

Amazing! We purchased a brand new Ford Edge Sport and driving it for a while I was having severe sciatica, which is an issue because I already have nerve damage. After hours and hours of investigating, I found that the seats on the sport have a higher bolster on the outside of the front seats and there is a piece of metal/plastic that kind of sticks up further. I was about to the point of ordering brand new seats for the vehicle because it was so bad, but then came across this item. It is truly amazing. I ordered the smaller size and it fits perfect on my seat and I can ride in my car longer than 30 minutes without pain. It does make me sit up higher, but being 5'5" that wasn't really an issue. This product saved me thousands of dollars! I highly recommend. I also purchased the one with the handles for sporting events, etc.


ByHGon August 1, 2014

I am a college student taking classes at Harvard. The chairs in the library don't have cushions or the cushions have gone flat. This makes studying for long periods of time difficult /painful.

So instead of going to the library to study, I purchased new chairs, but after a few months the cushions and the chairs had gone flat. This was frustrating and I got tired of purchasing new chairs, so I decided to purchase cushions as a more cost-effective approach to purchasing new chairs.

I wanted a cushion that would allow me to study for 14 hours a day. Not knowing which cushions to purchase and not wanting to spend time trying out a bunch of different cushions I decided to try out a dozen or so different cushions, all of which had an average rating above four. I called Amazon to see if they would have a problem with me purchasing a bunch of items and then returning them as well as to make sure that my Amazon prime account would not get canceled.

Below is a list of the cushions that I purchased and the experience I had.

1.) CONFORMAX Anywhere, Anytime Gel Car/Truck Seat Cushion
This was the most comfortable cushion of all of the questions that I tried and the one I would recommend the most. I am able to sit for an entire day without my rear end or back getting sore. I previously had to take two Aleve before using this cushion to be able to sit down and study for an entire day. It has a layer of high density foam and a very thick gel which provides a great deal of support without going flat, even if you are a big guy. I am 6 feet tall and about 210 pounds and even at the end of the day, it is just as soft as when you first sit on the cushion.

A couple of other things, this is a large cushion and covers the entire seat which allows you to move around your seats comfortably. The top side of the cushion is a foamy type of cloth, and the bottom side of the cushion has a rubber-ish type of cover to keep it from sliding around on the chair.

The only downside is that it is a large cushion that is also kind of heavy, so it is not a cushion that can be carried around or is transportable.

2.) CONFORMAX "On the Go" Gel Travel Seat Cushion
This was the second most comfortable cushion. I bought the ConforMax “On The Go Gel” cushion because the ConforMax Anywhere cushion was too big to carry around so I got them both. The ConforMax “On The Go” cushion provides the same amount of support as the “ConforMax Anywhere” cushion but is portable due to its smaller size. While it is still too large for me to get inside my backpack, I am able to get it inside my duffel bag/gym bag and take it with me without any difficulty to the computer lab or library. It would also fit inside a large briefcase or a small suitcase.

The ConforMax “On The Go” cushion also allows me to sit for up to 14 hours a day at the library without my posterior or my back getting sore. The only down side is that, because it is smaller due to it being portable, it does not cover the chair completely, so you can not move around as much on a chair.

If you want a cushion that is portable, this is the best cushion.

3.) Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion for 18 Inches X 16 Inches Wheelchair, Medium, 3 Inch, Black
After the ConforMax cushions, this was the next most comfortable cushion. The Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion has a layer of gel encased in a layer of high density foam.

During the time that I used it, the cushion did not go flat, and provided a great deal of support. By posterior or back did not get sore and I was able to study for 14 hours a day, only getting up to eat or use the restroom.

The cushion really is not portable do to it’s size, but I was able to slightly fold it and get it into my duffle bag so I could take it with me to the library /computer lab at the university.

Overall, I was really happy with the Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion and would highly recommend it Especially for folks on the heavier side since it did not flatten out when I used it. I am giving this product a five star rating. With that said, I ended up returning this item. The reason for that it is, the ConforMax cushions were more comfortable.

It should be noted that the ConforMax cushions cost $20 to $25 more than the Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion, so if you are on a budget or do not want to spend as much money on the Comformax cushions, this is the next best cushion and the best cushion under $40 that I tried.

4.) Drive Medical Deluxe Skin Protection Gel "E" 3" Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Dark Blue, 18" x 16" 3"

This cushion also provided good level of support and kept my posterior and back from getting sore. The cushion also did not flatten out during the time that I used it. I was able to hold this cushion, put it in my duffle bag and take it with me to the library, but it should be noted I only used it for two days before I returned it.

While the Drive Gel Seat Cushion provided a good level of support, I did not find it comfortable. The reason for that is because the gel is liquidy and moves /slouches around. You get the same type of feeling you get when you sit on a waterbed. I would recommend this product, but with reservations. You are better off with the either of the Comformax cushions ($30 more) and if you are on a budget, the Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion ($11 more).

5.) WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion

I tried three different Wondergel cushions, and they all work, but not as well as I would like them to. For reference purposes, the other five star reviews are accurate. These cushions work and will not go flat. I was able to sit and study for 14 hours per day, only having to get up to eat or use the restroom. With that said, while I was able to study for 14 hours per day and my back did not get sore, but my posterior did get a little sore after sitting for a couple of hours and moderately sore after sitting for 14 hours.

I think the problem was my size. I am 6’ and 210 pounds. My weight just pushed into the walls of the cushion after sitting for a few hours, and I got the same feeling that you get when you have a sock that is bunched up underneath your foot when you are walking.

Of the three Wondergel cushions I tried, this one was the most comfortable for me.

With that said, I returned these cushions after a week. I found the two Comformax cushions and the Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion more comfortable and the the Comformax cushions were a little bit cheaper.

One side note – out of all of the large cushions, I found this cushion the easiest to carry around because it folded easily and I could easily get it into my duffle bag.

6.) Wondergel Doublegel Gel Seat Cushion NEW Model - 2"

Please see the review of the WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion.

This is very similar to the WonderGel Extreme seat cushion but with more gel cushioning. Dispite the extra thickness, I still found the WonderGel Extreme more comfortable.

7.) Wondergel Roll & Go - Gel Seat Cushion

Please see the review of the WonderGel Extreme Seat Cushion. This is similar to the WonderGel extreme, but has a smaller footprint and is not as thick, so it is easier to carry around.

This cushion significantly reduces the amount of pain you would experience if you did not have this cushion and it did allow me to study up to 14 hours a day, but my posterior was sore at the end of the day.

This was the only cushion I could fit into my backpack and did not have to put it in my duffle bag. I was barely able to squeeze it into the laptop section of my backpack. If you are a student and want something that can fit into your backpack, this is your best option.

As previously mentioned, while the cushion significantly reduces the pain and soreness on your posterior, my posterior was still sore at the end of the day. It just reduced the soreness enough for me to be functional all day.

After a few days, I ended up returning the Wondergel Roll & Go and just decided to lug around the CONFORMAX "On the Go" in my duffle bag. This was despite a higher level on inconvenience of lugging around the CONFORMAX "On the Go" in a duffle bag versus of greater level of convenience of carrying around the Wondergel Roll & Go in my backpack.

8.) Duro-Med Polyfoam Wheelchair Cushion, Poly/Cotton Cover, Navy, 3 Inch x 16 Inch x 18 Inch
Despite the large number of 5 star reviews from other reviewers, I found this item to be junk and would not recommend this item at all. After sitting on this cushion for 30 minutes, the cushion went flat. I can not recommend the Duro-Med Polyfoam Wheelchair Cushion.

I found the Comformax cushions to do the best job of keeping my back and posterior pain-free. If you are on a budget, the Nova Ortho Gel Foam Cushion as the second best cushion and the best cushion for the price.




By Sally Lane on October 29, 2015

Size: Conformax-L18

I was reluctant to purchase this cushion because of the cost. Since that initial purchase I have ordered two more. I have one in each car and one for my office chair. I had surgery that has left me with pain in my coccys (tailbone). These cushions are awesome. These really help lessen the pain while seated. They are heavy so they don’t move around in the car, especially when you enter or exit the car seat. Worth the money.


By skijor on October 23, 2015

Size: Conformax-L18

This worked very well in our new car that had fairly hard seats - 2016 Subaru Legacy. I even bought another one for the passenger seat for my wife. It is warm and cool depending on the outside temp. Very pleased and would highly recommend it.


By JML on July 18, 2015

Size: Conformax-L18

I can't say enough positive things about this gel cushion. It provides great comfort, stays in place when you get in and out of the seat, and the cover has yet to show any wear after almost 6 months. Can be a little firm at first on cold Midwestern winter days but otherwise a great cushion. The only drawback is that it is a little pricey but you will find that if you buy a cheap cushion that you will see it is worth the money to ride in comfort.


 By Cat on June 14, 2015

Size: Conformax-L20

I bought two of these. They were firmer than I expected, but are nice and heavy so they stay in place. We live in Florida and have not noticed that they get hot as others have said. They are comfortable and have helped our sciatica.



ByHershell Johnson on May 7, 2015

Size: Conformax-L20

I like this gel seat pad. It is very comfortable to sit on for long trips. I also bring it in the house sometimes and put in my chair for a softer seat. That being said, be very aware that it is about 2 inches thick and will raise you 2 inches in your vehicle. If your head is close to the roof inside then it will not work for you. In one of my vehicles my head is too close so I can't use it, however in my Jeep Wrangler I have plenty of headroom so it is good.


By Buckeye Doug on May 2, 2015

Size: Conformax-L18

Really great cushion my legs no longer go numb in my office chair.


By Brownie on April 1, 2015

Size: Conformax-L18

This is a wonderful seat, well worth the price, which is far more expensive than other such cushions. But it made the hard leather seat of my Toyota Prius comfortable and definitely softened up the ride and added to road isolation. It did add about an inch of so to the seat level so that I sit higher in the seat, but that just added to driver visibility. I am 6'1" and still fit comfortably. I might add that I inquired of the manufacturer as to its compatibility with my heated seat, and was told that it wouldn't be damaged by the heat nor melt and damage the seat itself.


By Diane on December 27, 2015

This solved all of my problems. In Spring of 2015, we got a 1988 Volvo 240 wagon for a song and it is a great car. Only problem is that it has a very torn-up driver's seat. The estimate on a rebuild was not practical considering the value of the car, so we had been struggling all summer to find a seat cover that would, for one thing, even FIT, and if it fit, that would be comfortable with the mess that was going on under it. We had layers on that seat. In the fall, after reading reviews, I felt like $75 was worth the risk, and we were not disappointed! A bonus for me, at 5'3", is that it boosts me up a bit, too. My son, 5'11" has no problem with the added height himself. Now, at the end of 2015, I can say this is a GREAT seat pad.

On the positive side:
- It fits the seat
- It is amazingly comfortable
- It stays in place
- It looks great... It does not look out of place. It is understated. If anyone knew what it was, I'd be afraid of theft, but it's very subtle in appearance.

On the negative side:
- The seat heater does not transfer through because of the thickness and grippy underside. That trade-off was well worth it.

At some point I will need a set for passenger side. I will not hesitate to buy it again.


ULTRAGEL "Gaming" Super Comfy Arm/Elbow/Wrist Rest Gel Pads

By Dane Johnson on January 4, 2017

Size: Mouse Wrist Pad4.5x8.5Color: Black Verified Purchase
These pads are great! Have not been able to find a true GEL pad for a long time. The contact point on my wrist immediately felt better the day I got it. I am at the computer for hours a day between work and home, and am so happy with this product. The soreness i had is now gone.

These are true gel. Squishy, but still supports. Just right. So happy to have found these. Thank you. They are thin, as they say, .4 inch thick. They don't really need to be thicker, though an option might be good for some. I would opt for a .7 inch if they offered it. But these are still very good as is. The gel seems high quality, and really relieves the pressure of my wrist bone to desk. Better then the memory foam one i had (and didn't really like, but was best i could find) Molds in just right to my wrist.

If you are looking for a squishy gel, this is good stuff.I will be buying another for my keyboard. And possibly one for work for my elbow to rest on.

 Motorcycle Gel Seat Pads

Was better than expected. Purchased was for use on a 2013 Yamaha Roadliner S. Shop that installed the pad did an excellent job as they always have for me and they have experience installing this or similar items on bikes in the past. Product feels good and even better than expected. Have used during thhe past several years the external mounted gel pads, no comparison, looks like factory equipment.  Gordan: (ULTRAGEL Large TR)

"Wow! My butt no longer hurts! This is great!" (Ultragel Medium K)

 "Really great product, has doubled my ride time!!!" (Ultragel Medium RP)

"Gel pad really helps relieve aches on long rides, nice product, thanks!!" (Ultragel Medium RP) 

"Wow, i order a lot of Gel Pads and these are by far the best. I will be using more." (Ultragel  Pad Stock 1816)

 "Excellent quality; much better product than others; will help me a lot!" (Conformax Large TR)

 "Cool Product! Installed in my H-D seat in about 45 minutes. Saved tons of $$!" (Ultragel Medium RP)


really happy with this 1/2" gel with 1/2" foam. It's high quality and was package well. Included was very helpful instructions/recommendations of installation. I showed my friends that also ride motorcycles and they also was impressed and might do the same thing. It was delivered 2 days faster than predicted also,thank you.

Andy-- (CMEDRP)


"Wow, i order a lot of Gel Pads and these are by far the best. I will be using more." (Ultragel  Pad Stock 1816)

 "Very very good, my butt is happy, thank you very much." (Conformax Large K)


"Great product, great people, fast shipping..highly recommend.. Thank you!!!!!" (Conformax Pad Stock 1816)


"This Seller's item is the Finest Quality, and I love doing biz with them!" (Conformax Medium TR)

 "Absolutely Terrific Product for a reasonable cost. AAA+++ Supplier!" (Conformax Medium TR)

 "I thank you and my butt thanks you! A++++++++++++++++++++" (Ultragel Medium TR)


 CONFORMAX™ " TOPPER EXCEL" CLASSIC Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

 By Customer on August 1, 2015Used it for a 6 hour ride this week and had no pain. Thicker than most others so it cushions you better. You will sit a little higher which is to be expected, but you need to be ok with that before buying. The meshing on the top of it kept it less sticky and cooler than others I've tried.

By M. Smith on May 15, 2015
I use the velcro strip on the seat of my Yamaha FZ1 to connect the gel-seat. I carry the gel-seat in my Nelson-Rigg bag until my butt starts to get sore, then I put the gel-seat on and keep riding. I seldom ride less then a hundred miles each time I go out on my bike. The gel-seat helps much. It fits great too.
on August 24, 2014
Probably the best investment I have made in some time. I was skeptical. We rode from Virginia to Ohio, 10 hours, and I can honestly say that I could have gone further with no problem. In fact we rode to Hell michigan the next day, a police escorted ride the next and back to Virginia and my butt never hurt once. I was amazed. The only issue I noticed was that when I parked in the sun the seat was hot so I just tried to park in the shade. 
By Robert Agee on October 11, 2015
I don't give 5 stars easily, but I didn't have to deliberate much on this. I liked them well enough to buy a second one and I would strongly recommend them, especially for motor scooters. They are versatile and easy to place and remove.
on August 6, 2015
Seat cushion works really well, attaches to my motorcycle seat well using included attaching hardware. Item was received fairly quick and I installed it that night and used it first thing this morning and felt great on my hour ride into work. I would recommend this item to my fellow motorcycle riders.
on April 29, 2015